2 Days To Our PCE

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By Sylvia Guinan

As you know, the LTSIG and TDSIG are preparing to welcome you to  Unlimited professional development with technology

As you get organised, pack and travel, allow us to prepare you for the faces that you will meet from our joint SIG collaboration.


Can you spot who is who from the LTSIG & TDSIG?



Here are just some of the tasks our SIGS will collaborate on during the day.

Shaun Wilden will give a welcoming address with Sinead and the welcoming committee.  (LTSIG)

Sophia Mavridi will introduce the afternoon sessions.  (LTSIG)

Sinead Laffan will also introduce the TEDx speakers. (TDSIG)

Vicky Saumell will handle registrations.  (LTSIG)

Marisa Constantinides will be work on social media for the day.  (LTSIG)

Nikki Fortova will introduce the Golden Envelope competition.  (LTSIG)

Mike Harrison will be in charge of taking photos for the day. (TDSIG)

Will Cordoso will introduce Open Space for the afternoon. (TDSIG)

Tyson Seburn will also deal with registration, welcoming people and social media. (TDSIG)

Wishing you all success, enjoyment and inspiration in Glasgow.

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