3 Days To Our PCE

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By Marisa Constantinides


Days to PCE & Nicola talks about her closing plenary “It’s a Wrap – Tying the Day Together”


After spending the day looking at how we can develop with the help of different tech tools and new ways of thinking, this plenary will pull everything together. I will also share how I have integrated technology in teacher development both collaboratively with other teachers and learners, and privately. We will reflect on the day’s innovations and share experiences to ensure everyone leaves the day ready to try out at least one of the tools we have learned about.

In a day as rich and varied as our PCE on April 3rd, we felt we needed someone to pull all the threads together, to summarise the main points and get us to think of our next steps in the process of learning to use tech for teaching.
Like a good lesson, right?

Watch Nicola’s introduction of what she plans to do in her closing plenary; her PCE wrap up session promises all that and more!

Nicola Meldrum is a teacher trainer, DipTESOL examiner, teacher and writer living in Barcelona. She has been involved in ELT since 1999 and currently runs a Trinity Dip TESOL and other online teacher development courses with OxfordTEFL as well as writing and teaching adults. Nicola’s main areas of interest include action research, teacher development and the role of learners in teacher training.
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