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By Marisa Constantinides

What is it that startups do and why do the big boys feel so threatened by startups?

Nick Robinson and Jo Sayers, the team that makes up ELTjam, a new company which has taken ELT by storm, promise to shake us up with ideas of applying start up thinking to our course design in TD programmes.


Here is their abstract:


Applying Startup Thinking to Teacher Development

ELTjam (Nick Robinson & Jo Sayers)

ELTjam and Cambridge English Language Assessment have jointly developed the Cambridge English Digital Framework for Teachers, which helps teachers to identify the digital knowledge, skills and tools they need for teaching and learning, and to develop digital skills. The framework was developed using a ‘start-up’ methodology more commonly seen in software development than teacher development. ELTjam will talk through how it came into being, highlighting how elements of our approach can be used to design and deliver teacher development programmes. We’ll also share insights into how teachers like to use technology in their CPD and the challenges they face.

Here is Jo saying a few words about their plenary talk at our PCE on April 3rd.

Nick Robinson is one of the co-founders of ELTjam, a digital learning product development agency and consultancy that began life as a leading EdTech blog. His ELT career began in Spain in 2001 and since then he has worked extensively in publishing, materials writing, training and digital product development. He has held senior roles at Cambridge University Press and English360 and founded the world’s first ELT author representation agency. He also co-founded and ran the ELT industry’s first special interest group for materials writing (MaWSIG). He’s deeply interested in the ways in which technology is impacting English Language Teaching, and has written extensively on the topic for the ELTjam blog. He has also spoken widely on the international conference circuit, including IATEFL and TESOL. His current focus is on the creation of amazing LX (Learner Experience) in digital learning products through a framework ELTjam have developed called Learner Experience Design (LXD).

Jo Sayers is a director of ELTjam and works mainly on in-house product development and on developing partnerships with technology companies and software developers. Jo has worked in ELT since 2006, most recently as Product Manager for English at busuu and eLearning Academic Lead for EC English. Jo is a regular conference speaker and former Technology Coordinator for MaWSIG. He is interested in how technology can improve the lives of learners and works to improve the learning experiences of the products developed by ELTjam.

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