2013/04 – IATEFL Liverpool (SIG)

IATEFL Liverpool: SIG Day

Wednesday 10th April 2013

c_arenaCarla Arena – Filtering relevant information for the EFL classroom through digital curation.

By becoming content curators, teachers understand how to make sense of the overload of information they are constantly exposed to. In this presentation, participants will have an overview of user-friendly digital resources to help them find, organize and filter content for their professional development, and will also learn about digital curation possibilities for classroom use.

Sirin Soyoz Suzanne MordueSuzanne Mordue & Sirin Soyoz – Just hit pause

In this workshop, we will demonstrate some ways to utilise readily available video content in a fun and pedagogical way that captures your learners’ imaginations. We will also explore the kind of video content that you can create with your learners. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to share their own ideas.

Steven BukinSteven Bukin – The flipped classroom – from theory to practice in ELT

A lot has been said about the concept of ‘flipping’ the classroom in the last few years. However, what does it mean exactly? Is it applicable in an ELT context? I will address these questions and present the results of some action research using screencasting apps and the new tools created by TED-Ed to create ‘flipped’ video lessons.

Lindsay WarwickLindsay WarwickFlipping the classroom and student attitudes

Flipped learning has been much talked about in recent months. The approach, which sees content taught through technology at home and lessons kept for problem-solving, appears to have much potential in engaging unmotivated students. But how do teachers persuade these students to flip their attitudes to learning in the first place? This talk will offer some practical solutions.

Dimitrios Primalis Chryssanthe SotiriouChryssanthe Sotiriou & Dimitrios PrimalisLiterature strikes back! Teaching literature with technology

Winners of the IATEFL LTSIG Diana Eastment scholarship / LTSIG Travel grant

In the era of digital literacy and social networking the revival of literature seems to be more imperative and challenging that ever. How can you acquaint the generation of computer whiz kids with poetry fiction, science fiction and other genres? How about using technology (the internet web 2.0 tools split viewing techniques)? A workshop for tech-lovers, bookworms and teachers.

Paul DriverPaul Driver – History, folklore and gossip: geospatial narratives and mobile language learning

The advent of GPS-enabled mobile phones, coupled with location based services, has opened new affordances for embedding language learning in our everyday lives. Locative storytelling can change the way we perceive and interact with physical space, providing new opportunities for creative engagement with the hidden histories of the places and objects around us as we inscribe them with our stories.

Burcu Akyol Luke MeddingsLuke Meddings & Burcu Akyol – Unplugged and connected: where ideas meet

Once seen as incompatible, the connections between Dogme ELT and EdTech are becoming clear to a new generation of educators. We\’ll explore what these approaches have in common and – using practical examples – show how they can be blended to make bottom-up, experiential collaborative learning a reality.

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