Countdown to IH BCN ELT Conference 2019 – Speakers in Focus #3

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As part of our countdown to the International House Conference in Barcelona, which takes place on 8/9 February, this is the third of five posts which focus on the speakers on the LTSIG strand.  The IATEFL Business English SIG and IATEFL Leadership and Management SIG will also be there.

Next up is Christina Nicole Giannikas

Session Title: Designing Digital Experiences for Positive Primary Language Learning

Primary language education has been enriched by digital technologies in a variety of ways. Children are now given more learning opportunities and are offered an enormous wealth of resources and information. This is a positive development, nonetheless, language teachers need to make students aware of the magnitude of their exposure to new technologies, become accustomed to a new language classroom norm, and help their young learners become ‘future ready’.

This workshop aims to provide practitioners with forward-looking knowledge, skills and competences they need in order to create a positive environment, raise children’s awareness of the use of technology, and prepare them for the age of the digital revolution. More specifically, during the workshop we will focus on raising young learners’ awareness on cyber safety and cyber hygiene, explore classroom management techniques when integrating new technologies in the young learners’ classroom, and discuss a range of practical examples of how to strengthen children’s critical thinking and media literacy. The workshop will show principled and age-appropriate teaching approaches which can prompt young learners to become effective and competent users of technology in the language classroom.

Please bring your own devices.

Here, Christina introduces her session:

Christina is the IATEFL LTSIG’s Development Administrator. She is also a linguist, a researcher, a teacher trainer, an online tutor, an ELT Consultant, author and editor. She currently works for the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus, the Language Centre at Cyprus University of Technology and is a Pre-service teacher trainer for the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. She holds a Ph.D in the field of Applied Linguistics and has been involved in a number of research projects with a focus on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in early language learning contexts, digital storytelling and literacy, student-centred teaching approaches, language teaching policies, teacher education and professional development and Elearning/Distance Learning in Higher Education.



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The official programme for this event, showing all the speakers, is shown below. This can also be found on the official IH Barcelona site. You can enrol here and there are 10% discounts for IATEFL members and 15% discount for LTSIG members. To get this discount please use the discount code sent out to members in an email on 11 January.

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