Feedback in a Digital Age

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Angi Malderez, PhD

We are very pleased to announce that Angi Malderez will be opening our PCE in Liverpool on 1 April 2019 with a presentation entitled On Feedback (and ‘feedback’)

She joins Russell Stannard at our PCE on Digital Feedback at IATEFL 2019, whose session details can be found below.

In her talk, Angi will explore the expansion in meaning and use of the term feedback and the possible impacts this may have had on our efforts to support others’ learning. Angi will suggest who can and does (and who cannot and does not) provide feedback and what it is that others do and could do. She will propose other frameworks, ideas, terms, that may be more pedagogically helpful to those who are not in a position to provide feedback (in its original sense).  

Angi is an Honorary Senior Fellow of The University of Leeds, UK, and an independent education consultant. After a long period as an EFL teacher and materials writer, she now works principally in the areas of supporting teacher learning and mentoring. She has worked in initial preparation and in-service teacher support programmes for more than three decades in many parts of the world. Her main research interests currently relate to the development of contextually appropriate practices and processes for supporting teacher learning, through a more informed understanding of what it is teachers need to know and how they come to know it.  She was co-director (University of Leeds) of the Becoming a Teacher research project (2003-2009), and consultant on the Modes of Mentoring and Coaching (2010-12) and Mentoring and Coaching in Further Education (2013-2014) research projects.  Some of her publications include:

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Malderez, A. (2010) A case for mentoring: why (beginning )teachers and education systems need mentors. In Jean-Claude Loos et al Eds. L’accompagnement des nouveaux enseignants.  Bruxelles:EME, pages 51-62

Malderez, A. & M. Wedell  (2007) Teaching Teachers: Processes and Practices London: Continuum Press

Malderez, A. and C. Bodóczky (1999) Mentor Coursesa resource book for trainer-trainers Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Winner of the Ben Warren Prize 1999)


Russell Stannard’s Presentation at our PCE in Liverpool on 1 April will be entitled, ‘What can technology do for assessment and feedback?’

In this talk, Russell will highlight some of the key ways that technology can be used to facilitate assessment and feedback. Based on practical examples from teachers around the world, current research and his own ‘Assessment and Evaluation’ course, Russell will focus on what is realistic and feasible within most teaching contexts. It will include the use of E Portfolios, peer evaluation, reflection and using screen capture to provide feedback to students. This is a highly practical talk, full of real ideas and using simple, attainable technologies that are at the disposal of all teachers.  If you want to hear Russell talking about enhancing feedback with technology or get a taster for what he might talk about, take a look at this page from the TeacherTrainingVideos website.

The day will also include discussion on the principles on which to base tool selection for feedback, voice interaction and the other related topics.

Russell Stannard is the founder of TeacherTrainingVideos.Com. Previously a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Westminster and the University of Warwick, he is now a NILE associate trainer where he runs short courses on the flipped classroom as well as teaching on the master’s programme. Russell was awarded the 2010 British Council ELTons Innovation award (the photo above shows him at the ELTons event in 2017) and the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Technology Initiative’ award. He is particularly known for his work and research into using technology to provide feedback to students. Russell writes a regular columns in the English Teaching Professional, the Express Publishing Teacher’s Corner and for the Move Languages Ahead blog. He has published widely on the topic of feedback and assessment.

Update (13 November): We offered a CPD travel grant for this event, but applications have now closed.

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