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Congratulations to our members, Amadeu Marin and Sebastiana ‘Anna’ Venuto, on winning the LTSIG Roving Reporter grant for our strand at International House BCN ELT conference. All IATEFL members can attend this great event at reduced rates.  You can enrol here but places are limited to 450 and they always get filled.

This is their reaction to winning the travel grant.

About Anna Venuto:

I was born in Sicily and I got my degree in European Languages and Cultures (English, Spanish and Italian)  at Catania University in 2007 and a Master in Applied Linguistics to EFL, in 2010.  I’ve been working in Spain as a curious, committed and passionate English-Italian teacher since 2009, both at private and state-run schools. I’ve been a member of LTSG and IATEFL since 2015. Currently I am working at the EOI in Castellón,  where besides teaching, I have also started teacher training courses for my colleagues, on blended learning and EdTech tools which can support meaningful projects to promote students’ agency and alternative assessment.

About Amadeu Marin:

I’ve been in TEFL for over 30 years. Apart from my teaching and managerial work at EOI Castelló, I also train locally and run an EdTech summer course for Pilgrims. I’ve been a member of the LTSIG and IATEFL since 2015 and presented workshops at the 2016 and 2017 annual conferences. I regularly use EdTech, have an ‘unplugged’ teaching style, take a lexical look at language learning, and have always believed that empowering the learner is essential for the success of the learning process.

The application and review:

Applicants were asked to write a review of either a session by Daniela Martino presented at the LTSIG OLLREN 2nd Annual Conference last October or this session by Tom Walton from International House, Barcelona at the IATEFL conference 2016.  The travel grant winner was decided ‘blind’ by four of our committee members.  This is what Amadeu wrote in their application:

“I am applying on my behalf and also on behalf of my colleague Sebastiana Venuto, who teaches at EOI Castelló as well. We would love to do the job of ‘roving reporters’ as a team. The main reason for applying is that the reporter tasks specified are precisely what we do when we attend such events: Anna always makes copious notes and I like to capture the visual element (photo and video); then we put together reports that we share with our colleagues.  We have experience in blogging, both as a way of helping ourselves reflect on our teaching and as the ideal channel for sharing our experience in conferences with the members of the CPD group for language teachers we have in our school. We also use social media professionally in a similar way, and if our joint application wins both of us will be posting, which will surely improve the reach. Together with our colleague Sonia, we keep a YouTube channel (The Friendly Teachers) that we use to publish videos with learning tips  and other video projects. Among these, as regular attendees of ELT and TEFL conferences (including IH Barcelona, InnovateELT and IATEFL) we have started to produce vlogs (or video blogs) showcasing our personal experience of the conferences we attend. So far we’ve produced two: IATEFL2017 and Innovate ELT 2017. For the IH BCN LTSIG strand, we would be more than happy to create the LTSIG strand vlog along with the write-ups required.”

Amadeu_Anna_ review_of_Tom Walton_Hand over the tools - Technology for learners - not for teachers


The runners-up for the Roving Reporters Travel Grant were: Joan Macphail and Angeliki ApostolidouJoan Macphail_Angeliki Apostolidou - review_of_Tom_Walton_Hand_over_the-tools - Technology for learners

They have very kindly agreed to have their proposal and write-up published on here. This is what they said in their application:

“I believe I can craft prose fairly efficiently. I easily identify key issues and am able to express them clearly and succinctly. Last spring, I was invited to attend the TESOL International Convention as a blogger and I composed and submitted reports on all the sessions I attended. I have attended several webinars and written reports on them. Some of these have been posted on the IATEFL web-page as has an article I wrote on Gamification as a critique to an article written by Dr. Peter Diamandis. A long-term assessor for Cambridge University’s teacher training courses, I assess Delta 2 examination candidates.  In that capacity, I evaluate the research done by candidates, assess both their lesson planning and their lesson execution. Following that, I send detailed reports to Cambridge, supporting the grade I have awarded. Such assessments require concentration, attention to detail, critical analysis and a well-honed command of language.  I believe I would be a good reporter as I am very keen to stay abreast with what is happening in our profession and, in turn, to articulate that to fellow-professionals, either in written from or as presentations at conventions.  If I’m selected for the scholarship, there is a value-added: Angeliki and I operate as a team, so you get a 2-for-1 special offer! My colleague with whom I’m applying has managed the social media for our English grammar app and is an experienced Keynote user. She would be happy to deal with the social media coverage while I produce the review and write-ups.”

Joan Macphail_Angeliki Apostolidou - review_of_Tom_Walton_Hand_over_the-tools - Technology for learners


We will be counting down the days to the conference with a series of blog posts focusing on our five speakers on the LTSIG strand over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, here is the official poster and programme from the International House Barcelona ELT conference website.






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3 Responses to IH Barcelona ELT Conference – Roving Reporters

  1. Joan Macphail 15/01/2018 at 15:42 #

    Please retract my comments – I now see the article is complete . My apologies as my system did not initially display all of it. My apologies!?

    • Phil Longwell 16/01/2018 at 21:01 #

      Hi Joan.. Thank you for granting permission to publish your proposal and write-up. I’m glad you can now see it was published in its entirety.

  2. Joan Macphail 15/01/2018 at 15:39 #

    We were happy to allow our article to be published here but are rather dismayed that it has not been published in its entirety which obviously shows our proposal in an unfavorable light.

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