IH BCN ELT Conference – Speakers in Focus

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This is the first of five posts over the next two weeks which focuses on the speakers on the LTSIG strand at the International House ELT conference, taking place in Barcelona on 9 / 10 February.

First up, is Barbara Gardner.  She is the Learning Technologies Manager at Study Group Higher Education in the UK and Europe. She is responsible for supporting teams of trainers and the training of teachers to use learning technologies as part of their teaching and learning toolkit.

Her background is English Language teaching and teacher training. When her language school introduced interactive whiteboards she says she was suddenly able to explore new technologies available to teachers and, combining that with her passion for facilitating learning and working with teachers, led her to her current role. In this role she has created internal online courses and along with her team has contributed ideas and articles to publications such as Macmillan’s 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards. She presents at International conferences on the subjects of English language teaching and training and enhancing learning opportunities with technology.

Find Barbara on Twitter: @BarbaraPG

Session title: ‘Knock knock’ Are we ready to move on yet? Using hinge questions and polling apps to assess students’ understanding

Whether you are teaching English Language or English through a subject (CLIL) you are sure to be deploying a range of questions to use with your students. According to Professor Dylan Wiliam (known for his work on Assessment for Learning), there are only two valid reasons for asking a question in class: either to provide information to the teacher about what to do next or to cause students to think.

In this session, we’ll experience and practise designing questions that help us to decide what to do next in class, also known as ‘hinge’ questions because they open the door to the next stage of learning. We will experience using students’ mobile devices with a polling app (Poll Everywhere but you will receive a summary of other, similar, free apps) and how this can help teachers engage every student, be more responsive to students’ needs and benefit from seeing responses from the whole class. Please download the Poll Everywhere app before the session https://www.polleverywhere.com/mobile.

Please watch the following video before the conference, as this will better prepare you:

Dr Dylan Wiliam’s short video summarising hinge questions https://vimeo.com/104059936

Our poster showcasing our five speakers is below. Coming up next in this series is Gavin Dudeney.


The official poster and programme for this event are shown below.



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