IH BCN ELT Conference – Speakers in Focus #3

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This is the third of five posts which focuses on the speakers on the LTSIG strand at the International House ELT conference, taking place in Barcelona on 9 / 10 February.  The next speaker in focus is Valentina Dodge. 

Valentina is Learning Manager for English360 where she oversees content, pedagogy, teaching, and academic matters for English360. She works closely with educators and school owners on a global scale to help them provide personalised English learning programmes to meet their student and customer needs. She collaborates with and supports English language teachers all over the world to help them publish and share lesson and courses for blended or online delivery. She organises training sessions and support forums on instructional design and blended course organisation to allow educators to combine their own materials and lesson plans with high-quality course material. She is based in Salerno, Italy and teaches part-time at the University of Naples, L’Orientale.

Session title: Grab that screen!

Screenshots, screengrabs, screencasts… the ways of capturing, annotating and sharing screens become more intuitive and more ubiquitous everyday. We can now use readily-available image capturing buttons and screen-recording tools on our smart devices and computers, but are we all comfortable with how these work and why using them can enhance our students’ learning experience?

In this workshop we’ll share ideas and experience on the potential and discuss some practical applications of using screencapturing tools to increase learning opportunities. We’ll see how educators and learners are already integrating these tools in class or between classes to give interactive instructions, to provide multi-modal feedback and to build personal learning memory palaces. We’ll compare ways of grabbing screens and find out how screenshots (still screen images) or screencasts (moving screen with audio) can be shared with members of our learning community. Whether setting up a quick activity on a smart phone or working on longer projects to create web-based learning journals with visual and audio features, we’ll raise awareness of some of benefits, issues and challenges of grabbing that screen.

Please complete this pre-workshop questionnaire BEFORE attending the session

Social media: https://twitter.com/vale360

Webpage: www.english360.com

Books / material published:

Professional Business English Trainers. Technology in the Business English Classroom: CD-ROM / CD Paperback published  1 Nov 2011

Co authored by Valentina Dodge (Author), Lisa Marie Engel (Author), Eric Baber (Editor)

Other reading material BEFORE attending the session:




The official poster and programme for this event are shown below.



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