IH BCN ELT Conference – Speakers in Focus #4

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This is the penultimate post of five which are focusing on the speakers on the LTSIG strand at the International House ELT conference, taking place in Barcelona on 9 / 10 February.  This time it is the turn of our own committee member, Shaun Wilden.


Session title: Your exits are here, here and here

At what point do students exit their lessons?  At the end, or mentally when they become severely challenged? Students rarely announce their struggles and often mentally exit their studies long before a lesson ends.  This session looks at the concept of student engagement and questions the effectiveness of traditional approaches such as asking for hands-up.   If such techniques do not help students engage in lessons then could we utilise mobile devices to gain a better understanding of them?  Looking at real and practical examples, we’ll explore ways teachers can gain better insights into how well their students are learning by utilising mobile devices and the concept of exit tickets for informal evaluation.


Shaun Wilden had been involved in English language teaching for over twenty-five years. He is the Academic Head of training and development for the International House World Organisation and a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer.  These days he specializes in technology and language teaching, especially in the area of mobile learning. His latest book “Mobile Learning” was published in 2017 by OUP.  He is a trustee of IATEFL and also on the committee of the Learning technologies special interest group.  For a hobby, he makes the TEFL commute podcast for teachers.  Other than that, he enjoys playing games both digital and tabletop.

Social media address: @shaunwilden

Webpage: Shaunwilden.com

Books / material published:

Bannister D  and Wilden S (2014) Tablets and app in your school by OUP  ISBN: 978 0 19 454549 5      downloadable free from Itunes

Wilden S (2017) Mobile Learning OUP Oxford  ISBN: 978-0194200394



The official poster and programme for this event are shown below.



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