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Announcement for members and non-members.

A weekly webinar specialising on How to teach English online.

Come join our LTSIG Fridays webinars on this important topic during the Coronavirus crisis. Kicking off on Friday 27 March with Joe Dale.

When: Every Friday from 3pm – 4pm UK time

This is the designated LTSIG Fridays meeting / webinar room.

Who is invited? The invitation is sent to LTSIG members but the event is open to everyone. Feel free to invite your teacher communities and friends.

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG warmly invites you to join us in a series of weekly meetings which will be held from Friday 27 March onwards, which are designed to help English teachers around the world cope with the Corona crisis.

In future webinars, we will share tips and tools and engage in discussions as to the burning issues we are all facing right now. Look out for announcements about guest speakers on our social media channels.

We will share tips and tools and engage in discussions as to the burning issues we are all facing right now:


● How to teach English live online in 1:1 and 1:many classes
● How to use tools like Zoom/ Skype / MS Teams 
● How to engage your students
● How to provide listening and reading tasks
● How to encourage learners to speak and to role-play online
● How to teach grammar online
● How to deal with error correction using the text chat
● How to encourage your learners to produce language by means of recordings. 

There will also be regular free and open discussions where you can voice what kind of help you need right now and what tools you would like to know. If you have any questions, please get in touch with LTSIG online event organiser at[email protected].

Webinar #1 on 27 March: In the first very practical session, Joe Dale, an independent languages consultant from the U.K. gave some timely advice on how to get started with remote teaching as a language teacher. Joe has collated a comprehensive resource including advice and tutorials to support you during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can watch the recording below or full screen on our YouTube channel:

Webinar #2 on 3 April: Our Online Events Committee member, Heike Philp, leads a session on ‘Pair and group work’. This is vital during language lessons and it can greatly add to class dynamics and learner agency. How though can this be done in an online session? What kind of activities can be performed in break-out groups and how long should these take? Is it better to set-up automatically shuffled groups and how can one organize to set-up interest groups? We invite all language educators to join us in an experimental workshop scenario and to actively contribute towards producing guidelines for conducting pair and group work in an online class. You can watch an edited version of the recording with the links shared on our YouTube channel:

Webinar #3 on 10 April
Newsletter editor and former LTSIG Coordinator, Graham Stanley will deliver ‘Motivating and Engaging students online’ Do you want to communicate effectively during a live online lesson? How do you keep learners’ attention? During this session on effective remote teaching, we’ll be sharing ideas on use of voice and body language; building screen presence; how best to manage the technology (especially the camera); and how you can play with virtual backgrounds in Zoom.

We look forward to seeing you online.

On behalf of the LTSIG committee

Sophia Mavridi
IATEFL LTSIG Coordinator

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