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Following on from our popular and well attended webinar series, LTSIG Fridays, between April and June of this year, we are now moving to a monthly webinar, which will take place on Saturdays. These will not clash with the IATEFL webinars which usually take place once a month on that day. We hope you can join us as we continue to explore the possibilities and considerations of online or remote teaching. Further information about future webinars will added to this page and shared on our social media.

We are kicking off by looking at ‘Interactive storytelling games’ with Graham Stanley on 25 July. Graham gives some detailed information about this session below and some instructions on what to do before it takes place. RECORDING OF THIS SESSION HERE.

When: Saturday 25 July from 3pm – 4pm UK time (BST)

Meeting room ID: 885-028-983

Online interactive storytelling games are a great way to motivate language learners to speak and listen. They can also be easily adapted by the teacher to most levels and are suitable to play with a range of age groups. During this workshop, we will look at how best to approach online storytelling games with some examples and then discuss how teachers can best design their own games for their learners. 

Before the webinar, I would suggest you do the following, which will ensure you make the most of the live experience, which will focus on the design of online interactive storytelling games. 

1. Reflection

Think about the following. 

  • What role do games play in your teaching? 
  • Do you use games with learners often/sometimes/rarely/never?
  • Outside of class do your learners play games? How often? 
  • What type of games do you and your learners play?
  • Have you ever played a role-playing game? 
  • What do you think an online interactive storytelling game is?

2. Pre-webinar task A

Choose one of the reading texts below, read it and think about the following questions: Is this something I can see myself doing with my learners? Why? Why not?


3. Pre-webinar task B

Choose one of the recordings showing interactive storytelling games being played with a group of teachers and answer the following questions: Knowing what you now do about role-paying games, is this what you expected to see? If not, what is different? How do you think you would approach the design of a similar game for your own students? 

Example interactive storytelling games

Look forward to seeing you on 25th July for the webinar. You may be interested to know that this webinar has adopted and adapted  Laine Marshall’s SOFLA approach. You can find out more about this by watching the recording of Laine’s workshop she did for the LTSIG recently.

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