MAVR & ELT: A Match Made In Heaven ?

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The Japan Association For Language Learning (JALT) is joining forces with the LTSIG on 13 May to discuss mixed, augmented and virtual reality in ELT on Twitter, using the hashtag #MAVRLT.

The LTSIG PCE in Brighton 2018 recently organised a series of expert talks on the theme of MAVR, and this upcoming Tweet chat affords a unique opportunity for educators to follow and interact with our online discussion which will further explore MAVR and related questions such as:

What is MAVR and what has it got to do with language teaching?

– AR, VR, and MR: How are they different?

– How can we use MAVR to teach languages?

– What are your MAVR recommended apps/devices?


See the video below for a brief view of what this collaborative Twitter chat promises to cover.

You can also log into the #MAVRLT Tweet Chat event page on Facebook to keep posted and join the event.

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