Member Benefits

The Learning Technologies SIG has much to offer its members. From scholarships to CPD schemes, we aim to challenge and inspire teachers to work on the cutting-edge of technology and pedagogy.

See our list of benefits below.

1. Travel grant scheme

We offer grants to our members to attend and present at conferences around the world. Members have previously been awarded grants to conferences for ELT Malta, TESOL Greece, Digital ELT Ireland, FAAPI Argentina and the BELTA conference. We have already chosen winners for IATEFL Brighton 2018 and are currently offering a grant for The International House BCN conference in Barcelona.

We give approximately 6 to 8 grants per year so it’s well worth availing this opportunity to become one of our chosen grant winners.

2.CPD member benefit scheme

Our CPD scheme includes sponsor scholarships and opportunities to attend free courses offered for our members.

3. Publications

 Members will get access to our ebook called Teaching English Reflectively with Technology.

This ebook is a project of IATEFL’s Learning Technologies Special Interest Group in  collaboration with TESOL’s Computer-assisted Language Learning Interest Section. 

We are also collaborating on books with the ELT Council Malta and the 2nd Annual Online Conference in Research into Using Technology for Language Learning, jointly organised by OLLReN (Laureate and CUP) and LTSIG.

4. Newsletter

The LTSIG e-newsletter is sent by email to members only. We have recently made the decision to send one out to members 6 times a year: February, April, June, August, October, December.  It includes articles published on our website and LTSIG related news and announcements.

5. Member area on website

Our member’s area is currently under construction. Once ready we will be able to offer members access to event recordings, podcasts and the aforementioned e-publications.