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We are an international community of educators who promote action research and best practice in the creative applications of  educational technology in practical learning situations. We are classroom teachers who share, speak and write to inspire more of you to do the same. This website is our interactive home where we’ll feature cutting-edge leaders in the field as well as grass-roots teachers who are making a difference in all kinds of classrooms all over the world.

From chat shows and podcasts to guest blogs, scholarships, conferences and personal learning networks, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of edtech trends around the world. It’s easy to join us and it’s inspiring to contribute. Now would be a good time to find and refine your teaching voice on line with the LTSIG.

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26 Days to go

26 days to go, and today’s post is a sneak peek into one of the many things that you’ll be taking away from our PCE. As all seasoned conference goers know, it’s all about the bag. Forget Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Anyone who’s anyone knows that this Spring’s best fashion accessory is the […]

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27 Days to go

With 27 days to go, today’s post is all about the venue for the PCE. As you know, we’ve broken away from the rest of the SIGs and are hosting our event at the University of Aston – a big thanks to the staff at Aston for making the event at the university possible. For […]

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29 Days to go

Twenty-nine days to go . It can’t have escaped your notice that this year’s IATEFL conference is coming up fast, which means it is only 29 days to go until we host the LTSIG Pre-conference event As you know we’re holding this year’s event with the YLT SIG and have planned a day all around […]

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Flipped with a touch of gamification

I have a mixed ability class and some of the students refuse to respond to the lessons whereas others are highly motivated. Some of them join us when they feel they can. Isn’t this a common problem for teachers? Aren’t all classes mixed-ability classes? People learn better when they want to learn. I agree that […]

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LT SIG Guest Article Submission Guidelines

Be a Guest Blogger !!    LT SIG-website-Guidelines Highlights: Audience The LTSIG is a global website with members in many different countries. Our online audience includes pre-school, primary, secondary and adult English language teachers, in both state and private sectors, as well as teacher educators, managers and school owners. Subject matter The LTSIG committee invites articles, blogposts, […]

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Technology and the teacher’s personality

Panel Discussion [IATEFL Poland 2015] In September 2015, during the IATEFL Poland Conference in Wroclaw, Peter Whiley chaired a Panel Discussion on ‘Technology and the Teacher’s Personality’. The participants included Dr Piotr Steinbrich, Ania Kolbuszewska, Jamie Keddie and myself. (Kindly ask your eyebrows to return to their normal position.)   ‘Technology and the teacher’s personality’ […]

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Nik Peachey - Part 3.00_07_36_21.Still001

Nik Peachey – 3×3 interview – Part 3

Jo Hayes, our joint web editor, interviews Nik Peachey in our new 3 x 3 interviews series where she asks Learning Technology experts their views on all things EdTech in 3 short interviews with 3 questions in each. Nik Peachey is the author of Digital Video – A manual for language teachers:https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/digital-video/id1025275485 , Web 2.0 Tools […]

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