Phil Longwell

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Phil Longwell has been involved in teaching English as a Foreign Language since 2006. Originally from London, he lives in Norfolk, UK, and is currently self-employed. He mostly teaches in Norwich, where he also volunteers with refugees, and online. He has previously worked in South Korea, China, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, as well as on young learner activity programmes in the UK. He has a CELTA from NILE and a Masters from the University of Warwick in ELT, where he specialised in ICT and multimedia. He has been a continuous member of IATEFL and the LTSIG since 2012. He has specific interests in the areas of educational technology, learner autonomy, ICT, ESOL, EAP, using film and images. He is particularly keen on making tutorials (screencasts) to train other teachers and does promotional work for the Teacher Training Videos website. He has written several summaries for #ELTchat.

He is known online as ‘Teacher Phili’, tweets as @teacherphili and blogs at