Sophia Mavridi

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Sophia has been involved in ELT since 1998. Over this time, she has worked as a Primary and Secondary School Teacher, Trainer, Examiner, Director of Studies and more recently, freelance EdTech Consultant and EAP Lecturer. Her post-graduate qualifications include a Masters degree in Educational Technology & TESOL (University of Manchester) and the DELTA – both passed with distinction. Sophia is a presenter at professional development conferences around the world, specialising in talks related to the pedagogically sound application of technology to language teaching. Her research interests include the increasingly important role of Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacies in educational contexts and is currently working on Digital Literacy projects around Europe. Sophia is based in Athens, Greece but spends at least three months a year in the UK. She loves both places and when not sitting at a computer, she enjoys going for long walks by the sea or along the river.
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