Learning Technologies in EAP Scholarship

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How can technology help us to prepare student for exams?

We may be in the habit of thinking that educational technology is mostly used for fun, creative styles of learning that, somehow, fall flat when it comes to academia. This limited thinking, of course, traps us into focusing on short-term goals and missing the bigger picture.

If English for Academic Purposes focuses mostly on vocabulary tests, grammar and writing skills, then we need to harness technology for creative and effective learning that will ensure both academic success and lifelong linguistic competence.

Social learning via virtual learning environments, developing multi-media awarenesss, utilising text analysis tools and transforming dry curricula through interactive challenges, are just some of the exciting realities of integrating technology into academic courses.

With challenge and excitement comes opportunity. 

Learning Technologies in EAP course: call for scholarship places

The University of Sheffield Language Teaching Centre is offering five free scholarship places on the course for EAP teachers in developing countries If you feel you qualify for one of the places, the application form can be found here on the University website and the deadline is Wednesday 31st August. Candidates will be selected based on the strength of their application. You will enjoy an inclusive atmosphere with teachers all over the world learning how to use technology in the EAP classroom, so why not give it a go?


The course is delivered through a custom-built virtual learning environment

site front page

This course is designed for EAP teachers who see the value of technology in the classroom but lack the confidence or skills needed to integrate it effectively.


To get an idea of the course content, here’s a short video:


A lot of the course interaction takes place through forums

course forum (1)


Below you can see an example of some of the interactive content from the course, this particular one is focused on the use of mobile devices in the classroom:


If you want to learn more about the course content, the structure of the programme and read some feedback from participants, please go to our course information page. If you want to check your suitability for the course, there is a short quiz below that you can take:




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