Call For Development Administrator

IATEFL LTSIG Development Administrator

The role description and person specification for the position can be found below.

Role Responsibilities:

The Development Administrator is responsible for the SIG’s development and innovation covering various SIG tasks. More specifically, the Development Administrator’s role involves:

  • Looking after the general administration of the SIG, including preparation of committee meetings, minute-taking and coordinating the information flow within the SIG
  • Dealing with internal administrative details within the committee
  • Creating call for proposals for events or grants in consultation with the coordinator or event organiser
  • Responding to inquiries coming through the IATEFL website or other channels and forwarding to the responsible committee member or local events organisers
  • Setting up relationships with local teaching associations/ IATEFL Associates and organising joint events when possible
  • Organising and maintaining a scholarship scheme for conferences and other events
  • Liaising with the Events organiser and collaborating on local and international events
  • Contacting international organisers and associations regarding international joint events and strands
  • Identifying trendsetter ideas by researching the field and related events, publications, and announcements
  • ensuring that monthly updates are included in IATEFL ebulletins, compiled and sent to head office as required
  • Locating or proposing potential collaborations with sponsors and/or exhibitors to the coordinator, events organiser and treasurer.
  • Assisting the SIG to be more involved with outreach and possible sponsorship to other like-minded groups, organisations, individuals.
  • Assisting the treasurer with sponsorship packages
  • Creating monthly Action Tasks for committee members after the SIG meetings and following up when necessary.
  • Developing and maintaining the SIG’s CPD scheme by communicating with CPD providers, creating CPD packages and ensure their announcements to all of the SIG’s online platforms
  • Liaising with HO regarding the CPD developments and the SIG’s providers
  • Being responsible for the SIG’s publications (other than the Newsletter) in collaboration with the coordinator and the committee
  • Creating and sending off a call for proposals for upcoming publications
  • Attending monthly meetings (online) and share updates, insights, ideas, issues or problems with the committee.
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the EdTech field
  • Taking the initiative when inspired or required to do so.


An ideal candidate for the position would have:


  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Excellent administration skills and a eye for detail
  • Excellent management skills
  • Excellent PR experience and skills
  • Experience in publishing
  • Experience in conducting research in EdTech and ability to evaluate and edit research articles
  • Experience in CPD and CPD schemes
  • Experience in planning projects
  • Experience for planning local and international events
  • Relevant contacts in the ELT industry with publishers and sponsors
  • The ability to explore potential sponsorship opportunities available to the SIG
  • The ability to draw a sponsorship plan after researching relevant sponsorship packages.

DEADLINE: 22th May 2018 20.00 GMT

If there is more than one applicant for the position, the statements by the candidates will be posted on the IATEFL LTSIG website and electronic elections will take place through online voting administered by IATEFL from 24 to 30 May 2018. The results will then be announced on the LTSIG website, Facebook page and Newsletter.

Good luck to all the candidates,

Sophia Mavridi

IATEFL LTSIG Co-ordinator