Call For Newsletter Editor

The role description and person specification for the position can be found below.

IATEFL LTSIG Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor holds the responsibility of producing a user-friendly, content-rich e-newsletter for the LTSIG.

Role description

The newsletter editor should:


  1. find contributions for the website blog (articles, book reviews, columns, videos, podcasts)
  2. compile and edit/proofread the contributions
  3. follow up leads for possible articles
  4. remind guest authors/bloggers of submission deadlines
  5. find/select photos or create multimedia as needed
  6. be able to organise the content of each issue and produce 6 eNewsletters per year
  7. write the editorial for each newsletter
  8. communicate closely with the SIG co-ordinator, website editor, and the content team.
  9. ensure that only quality content is submitted to the website editor. This requires the ability to make sound decisions regarding overall content
  10. attend monthly meetings (online) and share updates, insights, ideas, issues or problems with the committee.

    An ideal candidate for the position should:


  • have excellent editing and writing skills and experience
  • have experience in conducting research in EdTech and be able to evaluate and edit research articles
  • have competent multimedia publishing skills including creating videos and working with WordPress
  • have an eye for detail and the ability to meet deadlines
  • be resourceful and know where to find good writers, bloggers and cutting-edge thinkers
  • have strong interpersonal networking skills. This is crucial for fostering quality professional relationships within ELT and attracting talented guest bloggers, writers and experts in the field who could  contribute content to the LTSIG website
  • keep abreast of developments in the EdTech field
  • have excellent communication skills as they will need to communicate clearly with the website editor, content team members,  the LTSIG committee and the community at large
  • have a good balance of creative & critical thinking skills
  • take the initiative when inspired or required to do so.

DEADLINE: 22th May 2018 20.00 GMT

If there is more than one applicant for the position, the statements by the candidates will be posted on the IATEFL LTSIG website and electronic elections will take place through online voting administered by IATEFL from 24 to 30 May 2018. The results will then be announced on the LTSIG website, Facebook page and Newsletter.

Good luck to all the candidates,

Sophia Mavridi

IATEFL LTSIG Co-ordinator