Call For Online Events Organiser

The role description and person specification for the position can be found below.

IATEFL LTSIG Online Events Organiser

The Online Events Organiser holds the responsibility of proposing various online events for the SIG, planning them and seeing them to completion. More specifically, the Online Events Organiser role involves:


  • Coordinating and moderating online events (webinars and online conferences) via Adobe and other online platforms.
  • Using industry contacts and knowledge to help decide on the themes and topics of the event.
  • Deciding on dates for the online events and creating a schedule that will be shared with the committee.
  • Booking Adobe rooms for the online event in good time.
  • Creating a list of possible speakers and liaising with the coordinator and events organiser on these choices.
  • Advertising and marketing the event and supplying all relevant information to members in collaboration with the Social Media Coordinator, the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster.
  • Setting up the timetable for the event; designing the event programme and arranging the design of the event promotional poster.
  • Contacting speakers and collecting bios, abstracts and photos for the programme and promotional purposes.
  • Scheduling trial talks with speakers on Adobe prior to events.
  • Assisting presenters with their presentations, audio and video.
  • Uploading speakers’ presentations at least 24 hours prior to the rehearsal data.
  • Processing the session recordings and liaising with the Webmaster to upload them onto the members area.
  • Providing technical support to other committee members.
  • Establishing ideas with other SIGs to plan online joint events.
  • Setting up sponsorship packages (in collaboration with the treasurer) for the needs of the events held.
  • Liaising with the coordinator and keeping her updated at all times.
  • Attending monthly meetings (online) and sharing updates, insights, ideas, issues or problems with the committee.
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the EdTech field.
  • Taking the initiative when inspired or required to do so.
  • Making sure that event information is provided in time to be included in the newsletter and e-bulletin.
  • Working closely with the events organiser to ensure good coordination of online and face to face events, exchange ideas, contacts and resources.


An ideal candidate for this position would have:


  • Excellent Adobe and eModeration skills
  • Good experience with organising online events
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent team player skills
  • A strong professional background in the field of learning technologies
  • The availability to attend and run online SIG events
  • Experience and contacts in the ELT world

DEADLINE: 22th May 2018 20.00 GMT

If there is more than one applicant for the position, the statements by the candidates will be posted on the IATEFL LTSIG website and electronic elections will take place through online voting administered by IATEFL from 24 to 30 May 2018. The results will then be announced on the LTSIG website, Facebook page and Newsletter.

Good luck to all the candidates,

Sophia Mavridi

IATEFL LTSIG Co-ordinator