Call For Social Media Manager

IATEFL LTSIG Social Media Manager

The role description and person specification for the position can be found below.

Role Description:

The social media manager holds the responsibility of coordinating LTSIG communications by managing the content of LTSIG social media networks. More specifically, the social media role involves:


  • making sure that all LTSIG social media accounts are up-to-date and working together. This means being responsive up to 5 days per week for taking a lead in posting and sharing across all platforms.
  • taking a leading role in being the administrator for both the Facebook Page and Group, checking the inbox and accepting or declining new members of the group.
  • working closely with the content team to ensure that content included on the website is shared with the community
  • liaising with people in charge of events and making sure promotional and marketing posts are shared on a regular basis
  • creating promotional materials e.g. posters, as they see fit and upon request
  • exploring other channels where our posts can be shared
  • ensuring that monthly updates are included in IATEFL ebulletins, compiled and sent to head office as required (in consultation with the Development Administrator)
  • leading on publicising the benefits of LTSIG membership, LTSIG SIG events, LTSIG SIG web resources and LTSIG SIG Annual Conference activities.
  • overseeing and guiding the subcommittee members who assist with social media.
  • encouraging recruitment to and participation in LTSIG communication channels.
  • communicating closely with the newsletter editor and webmaster and assisting the team when requested e.g. by sourcing content
  • attending monthly meetings (online) and sharing updates, insights, ideas, issues or problems with the committee
  • submitting reports – monthly (before meetings)
  • participating in committee discussions & providing feedback when solicited by the coordinator
  • keeping abreast of developments in the EdTech field
  • taking the initiative when inspired or required to do so

An ideal candidate for the position would have:

  • excellent knowledge of and experience across ALL social media platforms of the LTSIG (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • previous experience with managing social media accounts for educational organisations
  • familiarization with the role of social media in building online communities
  • excellent command of written English
  • excellent IT skills and experience and contacts in the ELT world
  • advanced social media etiquette skills
  • some experience with writing for blogs, newsletters etc
  • excellent organisational skills
  • experience with creating promotional materials
  • some graphic design experience
  • an eye for editorial detail e.g. checking URLs work and are shortened
  • excellent team player skills

DEADLINE: 22th May 2018 20.00 GMT

If there is more than one applicant for the position, the statements by the candidates will be posted on the IATEFL LTSIG website and electronic elections will take place through online voting administered by IATEFL from 24 to 30 May 2018. The results will then be announced on the LTSIG website, Facebook page and Newsletter.

Good luck to all the candidates,

Sophia Mavridi

IATEFL LTSIG Co-ordinator