About us

Welcome to our website. My name is Vicky Saumell and I’m the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Coordinator. I’ve been involved with the IATEFL learning Technologies SIG since 2013, first as Community Manager, then as Treasurer and now as Coordinator, in my final term.

Our SIG is one of the largest and oldest SIGs of IATEFL – it began as the COMPUTERS SIG in the mid 1980s and has significantly influenced language learning and teaching since then. Although there have many changes in this field over these years, we remain committed to looking into, describing, and critically analysing the latest learning technologies in the field of language teaching and learning in terms of tools and apps, but mostly their pedagogically-sound application.

Come join our community of passionate learning technologists! Whether you are tech savvy or not, there will always be something new to learn with and from us. Being a LTSIG member can give you significant benefits among which are the access to publications and event recordings and the opportunity to win a grant to attend and present at LTSIG associate conferences around the world. You will also be eligible to join the SIG Committee and work alongside with us not only to take the SIG forward but also expand your professional networks and opportunities.

Vicky Saumell

LTSIG Coordinator