s_wildenWelcome to the Learning Technologies SIG website! I am the Joint Coordinator of the LT SIG (along with Sophia Mavridi), and part of a team of educators who are passionate about the potential of learning technology to support and enhance our students’ language learning. If you’re browsing our website, you may be wondering what it is we do (read our mission statement here), and you may also be considering joining our SIG. Here’s why I would recommend you do so.

Being a member of this SIG has introduced me to a diverse group of cutting edge educators around the world, all of whom are interested in learning technologies, and keen to share ideas and best practice. If you join our Yahoo discussion list, and/or follow us on social media, you too can start to take part in the wider conversations surrounding the use of technology in the field of ELT. Simply by being a member of our SIG you are immediately part of this wider community – and after a year of being a member, you are eligible to join the SIG Committee. On the Committee we have a range of roles and responsibilities, and we are always looking for new members with fresh ideas who are motivated to help. At the end of the day, we are all volunteering our time to the SIG, and I personally can’t think of a more rewarding way to expand my personal learning networks and professional contacts.

So do please join us, and we look forward to hearing about you and your teaching – with or without technology!

Joint LT SIG Coordinator

s_mavridiWelcome to the LTSIG website. My name is Sophia Mavridi and I’ve been involved with the IATEFL learning Technologies SIG over the past four years, first as Treasurer and then as Coordinator (along with Shaun Wilden).

Our SIG is one of the largest and oldest SIGs of IATEFL – it began as the COMPUTERS SIG in the mid 1980s and has significantly influenced language learning and teaching since then. Much has changed over the years, most notably its size and reach but much remains the same. The commitment of our committee members, the enthusiasm to run events which can be quite influential for local and international attendees and the passion to embrace, describe, analyse and criticise the latest learning technologies in the field of language teaching.

As educators we need to adapt to a rapidly changing world immersed in technology. But adapting involves much more than just purchasing the latest application and getting students to use it. All too often, we hear bold claims about the potential for emerging technologies to improve student outcomes. How can we evaluate the credibility of this information and most importantly, how can we integrate particular technologies in a pedagogically sound way?

Come join our community whether you are tech savvy or not. There will always be something new to learn with and from us. Being a LTSIG member can give you significant benefits among which the opportunity to win a grant to attend and present at LTSIG associate conferences around the world. You will also be eligible to join the SIG Committee and work alongside with us not only to take the SIG forward but also expand your professional networks and opportunities.

Sophia Mavridi

Joint LT SIG Coordinator