Interview with Nicky Hockly About Learning Technologies.

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Early adapters of technology are the ones who first come up against unforeseen issues and barriers that threaten to stifle innovation and progress in the classroom. The positive thing about grappling with such challenges is that knowledge gained in the process can be passed onto others who wish to implement innovative teaching ideas in their own classrooms.

Here we have an interview with Nicky Hockly who describes the challenges inherent in using technology in the classroom.

Nicky answers the following important questions:

How can students and teachers benefit from learning technologies?

What are the most common problems faced by teachers when using technology and how can they deal with them?

To what extent do you think blended learning has been integrated into ELT ?

How would you advise teachers who want to adopt technology into their daily practice?

What are the most common mistakes educators make when they use technology?


Finally, here is a question for the reader:

Taking all of the above advice into consideration, what small changes can you see yourself making in the near future?

Please share any thoughts, reactions or ideas below.

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