Caterina Skiniotou

Administrative Officer

Caterina, aka Cat, has served the field of Education as a teacher, teacher educator, curriculum designer and developer, materials developer, teacher education program director and Foundation program director in three continents, North America, Europe and Asia. She is currently working on two research projects investigating game-based learning and extensive reading, and dynamic assessment. Cat has been a member of international associations such as TESOL International and IATEFL as well as national / local ones (TESOL Greece, TESOL Arabia, CATESOL, just to name a few) for …donkey’s years. Education and work experience -along with studies on socio-cultural and complexity theories- have led her to believe that we all learn and grow with …a little help from our friends. She served on the board of TESOL Greece as Chair for three consecutive terms and is currently serving the LTSIG as its Administrative Officer.