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We are an international community of educators who promote action research and best practice in the creative applications of  educational technology in practical learning situations. We are classroom teachers who share, speak and write to inspire more of you to do the same. This website is our interactive home where we’ll feature cutting-edge leaders in the field as well as grass-roots teachers who are making a difference in all kinds of classrooms all over the world.

From chat shows and podcasts to guest blogs, scholarships, conferences and personal learning networks, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of edtech trends around the world. It’s easy to join us and it’s inspiring to contribute. Now would be a good time to find and refine your teaching voice on line with the LTSIG.

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Anna Weninger Alexa Video

Common Misconceptions about Voice Assistants

by Anna Weninger Have you ever wondered what the fuss about AI is all about? Have you also wondered how you can REALLY use voice assistants in the classroom? Using voice assistants such as Alexa in the first place is anything but straightforward when talking about ethics in IT. However, even if you do decide […]

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Laura and Rafael talking

Digital Feedback – the next big thing? – A review of the PCE

How often do you take part in an event that totally delivers what has been promised? Maybe you answered, ‘every so often’, but not for one of the most expected events of the IATEFL conference, which was definitely the Pre-Conference Event (PCE) on Digital Feedback from the LTSIG held in Liverpool at the Racquet Club […]

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Serrana interviews Josh

Feedback in a Digital Age – Brief Report and Interviews

by Serrana Muniz (Diana Eastment Roving Reporter Scholarship Winner) The LT SIG pre-conference event (PCE) at the IATEFL Liverpool 2019 Conference was entitled ‘Feedback in a Digital Age’ and this was an exciting opportunity for LT SIG members from all over the world to meet in person and exchange on a subject that is key […]

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Mav 01

Lights, Camera, Action: Filmmaking in the Language Classroom

This is a review of Sophia Mavridi‘s session at the International House Barcelona ELT conference, February 2019, by our roving reporter, Georgios Vlassios Kompas. This is the final review from the LTSIG strand. Sophia Mavridi, the IATEFL LTSIG coordinator opened the day at the International House in Barcelona.  In a full house of participants, she talked […]

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